Exciting times at Karbona UK as we can now offer to the UK our full range of carbon frames and cycle components manufactured in our factory Overseas, offering great products at great prices. With service and support at the core of what we do ,satisfying every link in the manufacture to end customer requirement.


Karbona UK product range is extensive with all types of frames wheels and carbon cycle components for what ever Cycle Discipline you require , with Quality control at the forefront of the production which is overseen with their own dedicated staff so not only can customers now have the quality of their products but they can also enjoy a R & D facility second to none.

The vast amount of experience and knowledge offered by Karbona Worldwide has put them at the forefront of product development ahead of many other suppliers, and now UK customers can enjoy this great product range , at a time when Cycling continues to grow both leisure and racing. 

Karbona UK LTD

Unit 6, Leamore Lane, Walsall WS2 7DG


Email: info@karbonauk.com


Company Reg No.: 9334194